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August 13th 2012 was a day paved by anticipation. The Rios family was blessed to welcome their third child, Rosemary Wednesday Rios, into this world.

In no time at all her parents were introduced to a Pediatric Surgeon at TMC. Unsure of what this surgeon’s visit entailed, they knew this was not routine because they had not experienced this type of “welcoming” with their previous children. Their reservations were only solidified when they were informed that Rosemary was born with an abnormality and would need corrective surgery. Everything from that point was a fast and furious process that only seemed to move in slow motion. The events that followed dragged on for four months and will continue to be an ongoing everyday norm for Rosemary and the Rios family. TMC became a second home for Rosemary. Rosemary spent a total of 19 days in the NICU and 42 days on the pediatric floor. She had 3 total surgeries and is expected to have her fourth in the upcoming months.


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Family and friends of the Rios Family are asking the residents and local businesses in the Southern Arizona area to come together with us and help raise funds in this time of need. It is their hope and desire to look to fellow members of the community for help through donations to relinquish unexpected medical expenses. We are hosting a golf tournament, The Rosie Rios’ “Rough” Start Tournament, at San Ignacio Golf Course (Green Valley) on May 11, 2013. We are asking for donations or sponsorship of a hole, prize contributions, and/or participation in the tournament. We appreciate your time and consideration!

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